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Bloody Holy Week in Philippines. ©Joan Manuel Baliellas



Philippines is the only Asian country with a Christian majority. 83% of the population is Catholic, 5.4% Protestant, 4.6% Muslim, this was introduced by the Spanish missionaries.

  The Holy Week in the Philippines is characterized by the harshness of his Via Crucis, where dozens of masked men flagellate themselves, others loaded with heavy crosses throughout the weekend, and all ends in a crucifixion. The church rejected these practices to being too bloody.

  I attended this ritual in a small town north of Manila, called Angeles, all photographers usually go to another called San Pedro de Cutud, but I decant through this small town, as there is much less touristy and ... more bloody. There, during the days of the Via Crucis, the streets fill of blood dotting the penitents, who after chastising for a while, these devotees are cut by a person with a knife, so that blood outbreak.

  Streets and people are bathed in blood as you can see in the photos. If you want...of course.


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