Living among the dead in the Manila North Cemetery.

Of Spanish origin, the North cemetery is one of the largest and oldest in the Philippine capital, Manila.

In the interior of this cemetery there is a city parallel to the one outside its walls, in its interiror exists a great activity as it happens on the outside. People live in the interim of niches, some belong to their families, others even some very luxurious and spacious are the owners who pay a few pesos to the tenants so that they keep them in good condition, thus preventing the deterioration and looting of tombs , in the last ones provided with electric light and even television as or better than many of the houses that exist in the city. Those less fortunate or with fewer resources live in abandoned niches, many of them with broken tombs and infested with worms, but they prefer it, to live in the shanty towns of the violent city of Manila, where every day there are dead from the war of the drug.

Every day the activity in the cemetery is the same as there would be in a city, people go to work, children go to school. The only difference is that they home is a grave.

Here I have wanted to show a little the life of these people that I knew in some of the trips that I made to Fiipinas, this is The life among the dead.