Living among the dead. Manila, Philippines

Many live here because they have nowhere to go, others prefer to live here than in the violent slums and of the city. More than 10,000 people survive on the streets. This is their life. The happiness and sadness are mixed in a small city called "The Manila North Cemetery"




Bloody Holy Week. Angeles, Philippines

I went to this ritual in a small town north of Manila, called Angeles, usually every photographer goes to another called San Pedro de Cutud, but I decant this small town, because there is much less touristy and ... more bloody. There during the days of the Via Crucis, the streets fill of blood dotting the penitents, that after chastising for a while, these devotees are cut by a person with a knife, so that blood outbreak. Streets and people are bathed in blood as you can see in the pictures.



Burmese migrants.Mae Sot , Thailand

The town of Mae Sot, is located in central Thailand, near the border with Myanmar, where they live, work and study thousands of Burmese. The repression carried out by the Burmese military junta has forced millions of people to leave the country to try to survive. Some survive in subhuman conditions in dumps, others do business on the border with illegal goods and the childrens that are not forced to work, they go to schools that NGOs have for them. This is my little work in that city



Prostitution.Barcelona, Spain

Some images contain partial nudity-JUST FOR OVER 18 YEARS

This report was an assignment about the prostitution in Barcelona for the newspaper El Mundo, for a few days I was in brothels where are prostitutes both men, women and transsexuals, some of them even engaged in prostitution in the streets city.
Some faces have been blurred by agreement with these people who preferred to remain anonymous, as always they expected that prostitution was just a temporary thing.


Manikarnika Ghat. Varanasi, India.

Every single photographer wants to visit India, and I was not going to be the exception to the rule. Everyone talks about its colors, its people, its magic. So I went there a few months ago for the first time. My intention was to discover and photograph the monsoon rains, but during my trip I found a city in which I could not help staying for all the days off I got left. It is called Varanasi, also known as Benares or Kashi, in the region of Uttar Pradesh, at the north of the country. It is said that the city was born just at the moment when a tear of the god Shiva fell into the river Ganges. According to Hinduism, life was born there and to find eternal peace, life must finish there, back to Ganga Ma, or Mother Ganges, the sacred river.


Reds in Bangkok Bangkok. 19 Sept 2010- Thousands of anti-government "red-shirt" protesters have defied a state of emergency by staging a demonstration in the Thai capital, Bangkok. Protesters in Bangkok gathered at the crossroads which earlier this year they had turned into a fortified encampment. More than 90 people died and about 2,000 were injured during two months of protests earlier this year.

Dhammakaya Pilgrim Thailand, Bangkok 2.01.2012, One thousand Buddhist monks from Dhammakaya temple began a pilgrimage of 365 miles through lands that were flooded last fall, during the tour, besides monks offer spiritual help to victims of land blessings prayers and singing along with meditation, also provide food donations collected in the most affected.

One year Later (Reds) One year after the armed confrontations that took place in the Thai capital, Bangkok, called "red" became a focus this time with the recent elections for the presidency of the government wins, the winner was Yingluck Shinawatra.

Marcel, the newcomer The arrival of a new human being into the world is always a happines. These pictures I did was the son of some friends as a gift of the birth of his first son, Marcel.

Red Cross in San FerminRed Cross volunteers work hard throughout the week of San Fermin in Pamplona, often risking even their lives to help any injured. For some time I was with them in their daily work

Prostitution in Barcelona This report was commissioned on prostitution in Barcelona for the newspaper El Mundo, for a few days I was in local brothels where prostitutes both men, women and transsexuals, some of them even engaged in prostitution in the streets city.

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