The Cage Men, HONG KONG

This past June, and like every year the EUI (Economist Intelligence Unit) made the ranking for the magazine The Economist, of what are the best cities in the world to live. And the winner was Hong Kong.
Hong Kong boasts four of the fifteen world's tallest buildings. It is also known for "Shopping Paradise" it is one of the cities with more Louis Vuitton shops where you can buy almost anything at a price more than good. Besides being one of the few havens of the world.
The thing would have no history, if it were not also one of the cities where the square meter of housing is the most expensive in the world and where many of the inhabitants of the former British colony, they came looking for a job from the ancient China and they have to live in a small apartment in some neighborhoods of the city, as in the case of this building in Kowloon, a neighborhood that historically holds the demerit of being the town with the highest population density in the world.
The cage men still are 14 years later, one of the worst kept secrets of Hong Kong. Lack of space, prohibitive prices of housing and the greed of those with property have extended an indignity that today live about 100,000 people, according to local social organizations.
Luckily for them, many do not speak or read English, and therefore they never read the magazine, if not ... really they think that Hong Kong is the best city in the world to live?

Thank you very much for their cooperation to make this video to and Miss SZE Lai Shan, Community Organize and of course my friend and great journalist David Jiménez.


This is an interview with Leo Messi, considered one of the best players in the world of football. The interview was conceded to the newspaper El Mundo, and conducted: by an excellent journalist, Orfeo Suárez, the great photographer and best friend Quique Gracía and myself, that I made the video.





Ivan Corretja. BARCELONA, Spain

After a motorcycle accident in which he lost one of his legs, his career as an athlete was truncated, that's how Ivan Corretja became representative of elite athletes. He is the director of the company Double Match
This is a reportage made ??for the newspaper El Mundo, with the great journalist and friend David Jiménez.




27th Festival of Comic.Bangkok, Thailand

We all know that Asians like the Manga, this is a video that I made in Bangkok during the 27th Festival of Comic




Missing children In 1988 two brothers 17 and 5 years disappeared in a hospital room, when the sister was taking care of the smallest, in the morning the nurse only found the glasses from the sister, very necessary for her, and the clothing from the small . Many years later still there are no tracks of them, but her sister Maria del Carmen, still believes they're alive.
This was a report done for the newspaper El Mundo in a aseries of reports written by journalist Pedro Simon

Cocks ligth fightingAt Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, the sellers of fighting cocks show their skills in fighting cocks totally ligth, fights where there is no blood, just show the public the quality of their cocks, for some anime and buyer acquire one of those cocks where so if the will to fight for his life.
This video was made with the help of my great friend and brother Luis Garrido Julve

The Monsoon in BangkokIn the months of June and July in Bangkok the Monsoon times arrive, the rains spectacular, everything disappears within minutes of the view.
This is what is happening during 40 minutes in an accelerated video to 2 minutes and 11 seconds.

Joan Laporta Exclusive interview with the then current President of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta

BangkokThis is a video I made for the tourist company "Out of Boxes" on the city of Bangkok and some of its hotels, spas, Muay Thai fights and cooking schools.

Green&BlueGreen and Blue, is a video made for the tourist company "Out of Boxes". Green is the north of Thailand, the mountains, along with its hotels and gastronomy, and Blue is focused on the island of Phuket, the beaches, Harley Davidson rides, food and entertainment.

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